Improve menstrual syndrome food

What foods Improve menstrual syndrome? Recommended several healthy diet to help you easily spend menstrual syndrome.

1,banana – Banana relieve anxiety
Banana is rich in vitamin B6, premenstrual emotional stability will be maintained when the female body adequate intake of vitamin B6. Because vitamin B6 can increase neurotransmitter secretion of the hormone, which can effectively alleviate premenstrual symptoms of anxiety.

2, spinach – Spinach
Spinach is rich in vitamin E may reduce prostate hormone secretion, the the prostate hormone is caused by dysmenorrhea one of the factors, and therefore adequate intake of vitamin E can effectively alleviate dysmenorrhea.

3, fish – Fish alleviate dysmenorrhea
Fish can supplement the more superfluous -3 fatty acids, study superfluous-3 fatty acids can alleviate 40% of dysmenorrhea and superfluous-3 fatty acids may reduce the secretion of hormones of the female menstrual play a role in soothing dysmenorrhea.

4, beef – Beef help you to sleep
Beef is rich in tryptophan, a lot of women in those days of the menstrual period, night insomnia symptoms, add more tryptophan, can improve sleep quality.

5, lamb – -Of mutton balance metabolism
Many women during menstruation occurs face burst to acne, this phenomenon is much higher than normal high zinc content in the body of the female menstrual impede the normal physiological metabolic caused the explosion pox phenomenon, multi-zinc supplementation can alleviate this phenomenon.

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Article: Improve menstrual syndrome food

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