Hypertensive patients can eat more potatoes

Potatoes in nutrition circles is called “perfect food”, people rely on potatoes and whole milk is enough to sustain life and health. Nutritional content of potatoes is very comprehensive, nutrition structure is more reasonable, but the amount of protein, calcium and vitamin A slightly lower, use whole milk to supplement.

In the prevention and control of hypertension famous eating patterns –DASH diet mode, potatoes also occupy a place. Principles of this diet pattern is eating whole grains and vegetables, these foods are rich in fiber, calcium, protein and potassium, help to control or reduce high blood pressure; eat moderately lean poultry and fish will be good for the heart; love eat sweets, then you eat more fruits, refuse to eat dessert after a meal; limiting salt intake, the best chili and other seasonings and lemon, replace the extra salt.

High potassium content of potatoes, can rid the body of excess sodium can help lower blood pressure. Europeans is a staple of potatoes, baked potato is a common staple of the French and Germans, many doctors advise patients with hypertension eat baked potatoesand less white bread. Roasted potatoes, steamed potatoes starch content lower than rice bread. Glycemic speed, white rice, white bread than slow, and very strong sense of fullness.

Ulcer or gastritis if fasting eat mashed potatoes every day can effectively alleviate the condition. Had gastric ulcer, stomach a lot more on the small hole, and mashed potatoes like a small plaster, can these small hole firmly sealed.

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Article: Hypertensive patients can eat more potatoes


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