Hypertension Prevention and daily diet of patients with hypertension Precautions

With the improvement of living standards, changes in people’s diets and patterns of life, more and more patients with hypertension, high prevalence of hypertension, high mortality, high rate of disability, is forced to pay attention to this topic.

Here to talk about prevention and daily life precautions hypertension

Methods / steps
1, Weight reduction
High blood pressure and weight are closely related, the prevalence of obesity, high blood pressure greatly improved, with the reduction in weight gain, high blood pressure also reduces, so you have to control weight control high blood pressure.

2, The control of high-calorie foods
Eat light, high-calorie foods to control lipid intake, reduce cooking oil, cooking oil daily dosage should not exceed 25 grams.

3, The use of low sodium salt
Healthy people every day no more than 6 grams of salt amount, patients with hypertension should be controlled to 3 grams. Use salt when cooking spoon, effective control of salt, reduce dining out, restaurant dishes are generally high oil high salt hypertensive patients not suitable for human consumption.

4, Eat less high-calorie processed foods and high salt content of processed foods
Many processed foods raw single, but a lot of oil, processed foods such as preserved foods high salt content, for patients with hypertension should eat less.

5. Limit alcohol
Alcohol is extremely detrimental for patients with hypertension, alcohol can raise blood pressure, so patients with hypertension should limit alcohol consumption.

6, Increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables high in potassium, dietary low sodium high potassium helps to restore normal levels of blood pressure in hypertensive patients, under the guidance of a doctor may be appropriate to add potassium and calcium.

7, Increased physical activity
Strengthen the movement, under the guidance of a doctor, a reasonable choice for their exercise, exercise contribute to health.

8, Reduce the psychological stress
Fast pace of modern life, the pressure is relatively large, to make reasonable arrangements diet, psychological adjustment balance, maintain a pleasant mood.

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Article: Hypertension Prevention and daily diet of patients with hypertension Precautions

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