Hypertension diet therapy

Now the number of people with hypertension in the elderly is constantly rising, the majority of patients choose the hospital in addition to drug treatment, more people chose to recuperate at home on food. Only more attention to diet, to be able to completely remove the root cause of high blood pressure.

1,The diet should be light: to promote mainly vegetarian, vegetarian way can reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Therefore, patients with hypertension diet should be light, should be high in vitamins, high fiber, high calcium, low fat, low cholesterol diet. Total Fat Less than 30% of total calories, calories about 15% of total protein. Advocate eat more whole grains, cereals, fresh vegetables, fruits, soy products, lean meat, fish, chicken and other foods to promote vegetable oil, eat lard, greasy food and sugar, spicy, tea, coffee and so on.

2, Reduce the amount of salt: eating too much salt is a risk factor of hypertension, and control sodium intake will help reduce and stabilize blood pressure. Clinical trials show that daily salt intake for hypertensive patients increased from 10.5 g reduced to 4.7-5.8 grams, can reduce systolic blood pressure an average of 4-6 mm Hg.

3, Quit smoking, alcohol: tobacco, alcohol is a risk factor for hypertension, smoking, alcohol has increased hypertension with heart disease, cerebrovascular disease may be, the wine can reduce the reactivity of the patient against hypertension drugs. Therefore, requirements for hypertensive patients to quit smoking and drinking, people who have difficulty quit drinking should limit alcohol consumption.

4, Moderate diet: eating regular meals three meals a day do not hunger satiety, not overeating. Daily diet can do the following arrangements: 250-350 grams of carbohydrates, 400-500 grams of fresh vegetables, fruits, 100 grams, 20-25 grams of cooking oil, milk, 250 g ml, high protein food three copies, each means: lean meat 50 ~ 100 grams, or an egg, or 100 grams of tofu or chicken, duck 100 grams, or 100 grams of fish and shrimp. Of which four to five eggs a week can be.

By introducing the above therapeutic methods, we will not feel that high blood pressure is not so terrible a disease. Although sudden large hypertension, but as long as you are able to follow the guidance of doctors and control in the above diet, high blood pressure is still very easy to be controlled within a safe range.

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Article: Hypertension diet therapy


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