How you can lose weight fast – exercise to lose weight

Exercise to lose weight is the most common way to lose weight for many people, how to achieve ? The several efficient movement below is necessary to share with you, to let you quickly lose weight to achieve the purpose, then take a look at how we can .

Methods / steps

1, should be controlled with diet and

Insist on training and a healthy and balanced diet to keep slim. Overestimated fat you are burning, and the neglect of absorption of calories, which is spared training but failed to achieve the goal of universal problems. For example, an hour of aerobic exercise to burn less than 400 calories, a chocolate but afterwards they can easily make your efforts in this hour turned into useful work. Fitness weight loss, minus one to two pounds per week as the goal, to ensure that the daily calories consumed need to rely on the movement maintained at between 500-800, which can better maintain fitness effect.

2, the high-intensity exercise to lose weight with little effect

Many people have overestimated the strength of high-intensity exercise. A short time, high-intensity exercise can reduce the fat content while increased heart rate, but even if you are the momentum constantly repeated high-intensity exercise, just exercise cardiopulmonary function more slender, they let the hip more Alice or arm. other aspects unhelpful, opposite some of the longer time-consuming, able to test endurance sports can make muscles more coordination, compact.

3, cross-training is more effective weight-loss

The recommended acceptable heavyweight training or cross-training (ie training run into the other forms of exercise, such as swimming, jumping rope or aerobics), which helps balance the muscle tissue. The females are more resistant to this training muscle training that make body looked very strong build. But they are indeed more durable than aerobic training role after exercise can continue to burn body fat.

4, the method to find the most suitable for their own movement

If you exercise for a few months, she is, without any changes in your body that is not suitable for this exercise. Everyone’s body is the gene, you want to let the body better, the training program have to take into account the innate body. The gene is an important factor in determining the success of your training program, course, we can not completely change the size, only to correct through training and improved body. The easiest way to identify their own body type is to observe the distribution of their own body weight. Such as an hourglass body type, priority needs to do some high-frequency and low-resistance exercise, more simple perfect size and other specific parts of a need to improve the modeling movement to achieve a multiplier effect .

5, Exercise to lose weight should listen to the needs of the inner

Lax nest really comfortable chair, but this will only make the stomach expansion, correct posture techniques, and fully mobilize the muscles of the hips, straight lumbar, and tighten the lower abdomen, form equivalent to wearing tight jeans and fasten. Obey the decision of the body and to choose the most efficient time to exercise, people always spend too much time to focus on the appearance whether enough bright, but they ignore the real needs to listen to the heart.

6 exercise to lose weight, to maintain a good mood

Although there is no conclusive evidence that exercise at the right time to be able to burn more fat, but at the appropriate time in the exercise, will affect you feel after exercise should be enjoyable, not to be exhausted. So what is the best time to exercise? The answer is you are happy way destined for the fitness club, rather than the mentality took to complete the routine.

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Article: How you can lose weight fast – exercise to lose weight

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