How women care for their own breasts in life

For their current health, even the chest and then beautiful, but also need to care for their own breast care, some of the bad habits of daily life, will make their own breasts under threat, so come today Share: How do women in life care for their breasts?

Know the normal development of the breast knowledge
Women love their breasts, the first thing to know is their normal breast development. Women from adolescence, due to changes in the body hormones, breast development until maturity. To pregnancy once again due to changes in the body hormones and development, is to prepare for lactation. Until the puerperium is not breast-feeding, returned to normal non-pregnant state, after a long period of balance after the gradual decline of the breast, breast smaller. This is the process of female breast development.

Wear suitable underwear
Caring for their breasts, we must first pay attention to wear underwear for their own chest type, choose underwear as far as possible select the cotton material underwear, elastic should be appropriate, too loose, then play a fixed role, cotton underwear material, breathability ; And sweat than chemical fiber is better, so that your breasts can have a clean and fresh environment. But also too tight, not to oppress the blood circulation in the breast is appropriate, those tight underwear will impede breast blood circulation, prolonged wear, easily lead to breast pain, long-term so it is still very easy to cause some breast disease .

Suitable to liberate their own chest
The reason why women wear bras, one for the sake of beauty, the second is to fix the role. For example, in the running of the sports, we must wear a bra to facilitate their own exercise; rest, go to bed at night, it is best to wear underwear off, liberate their own chest, so that his chest a good breath A bit, this allows breast full rest, is conducive to blood circulation. Some women in Europe and the United States, many of them do not wear underwear to go shopping.

Learn to do a simple visual inspection of the breast
Love their breasts, we have to self-test their own breasts. The first is to do a simple self-diagnosis at home, under natural light, take off underwear, preferably in front of a mirror, so help to see where you can not see naked eye symmetry , Breast skin appearance with or without abnormalities, whether the depression on the skin and orange peel-like changes, areola, nipple at any abnormalities, to see if nipple discharge. If not, then the diagnosis is normal.

Care for your breasts: You also need to learn to make a simple palpation of your own breasts. Approach to be correct, pay attention to, do not grasp the breast, should be close together five fingers, the right hand gently press the left pulp throughout the pulp, along the left upper left side of the milk began to step by step press, pay attention to the feeling of pulp, along the direction of the circle Until the entire left breast check is completed, the same law check right breast. If you mean no lump feeling, then congratulations on your health, palpation best after menstruation clean.

Keep breasts clean
Caring for their breasts, but also the need to keep the skin clean the breasts, especially in the summer, over-sweating women, coupled with those wearing a little tight bra, sweat row can not go out, it is prone to breast skin eczema. Usually also pay attention to the chest exercise, such as chest exercises, stretching and so on.

Insist on the chest exercise
Love their breasts, but also need to exercise, so as to keep their chest look good curvaceous, especially the postpartum women. At home, you can do some of your own chest exercises, such as: chest exercises, and push-ups exercise.


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Article: How women care for their own breasts in life

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