How to whiten the facial skin

I believe that many women want to have a white face, but some people will think this is a genetic skin, but we can be acquired through conditioning to improve our skin, our skin become white.

Life originated in water, water we have seen how important, our normal amount of drinking water a day is about 2.5L, that is, we often talk about eight glasses of water, 8 glasses of water is the amount of water intake one day (including drinking water contained in food every day), daily morning to eat anything before about 300ml warm water, what good is it, first you can clear the intestines, detoxification, the second night of the body can be corrected slightly hypertonic dehydrated state.

Morning diet is best to eat and drink some of the milk, eat an egg, which are more high-quality protein, and egg day can not eat too much, can be a general day, after dinner you can eat some fruit, such as apples, exotic guava and other fruit.

10 am – 15:00 this time the strongest ultraviolet rays, to be out in front of the best Sai-proof coating cream with the UV umbrella, especially in the summer, but do not think to say winter is cloudy or not the sun, you can relaxed, in fact, this weather is more intense ultraviolet radiation, so that the necessary protection is done, the sunscreen must be painted.

Usually pay attention to diet to eat some detoxification, promote gastrointestinal foods, such as fungus, seaweed, etc. These relatively deep color of food, it can not only detoxification, but also can prevent cancer. Be careful not to eat spicy, fried food.

Cleansing the evening bath time, you must first go wash your face, because if you take a bath and then wash, bath when the pores of the face has also been expanded, the face of dirt on the blocked pores. Be sure to wash your face with cold water, then warm water, wash with warm water if the order reversed a pore expansion, face dirt is easily stuck in the pores, resulting in large pores, acne is easy.

Another is to have enough sleep, so that the skin can get adequate rest.

Whitening is not easy, adhere to in order to play effects.

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Article: How to whiten the facial skin


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