How to whiten skin tips ultra strong skin whitening methods

How to skin whitening tips, any one of the beauty of women are happy. Because everyone wants to make the skin become white and tender, so as to make the summer wear a beautiful dress. How are those? In order to let everyone more effectively whiten skin, put the following the strong how to whiten the skin tips to share with you, only hope that can help you.

How to 1: whitening exfoliating
Body whitening want, but remember to clean up the old waste horny body skin, exfoliating soon to remove dull complexion, but also skin radiance, but also help the absorption of skin care products. So body whitening exfoliating method is very necessary, it would be best to remove a horny one week, skin relatively dry autumn and winter can fortnight.

How to skin whitening tips 2: whitening and moisturizing
Want to make the skin lasting whitening, it is certain to have targeted whitening moisturizing skin care. Excellent moisturizing effect can effectively penetrate the skin, so that the skin instantly reach the state of water and run. If you can persist in using for some time, you can make the skin from the inside to the outside of the constant whitening, so that the skin luster.

How to whiten skin Tip 3: wash rice water wash
Use wash rice water washing the face is skin whitening tips. Home use wash rice water to wash your face every day, the skin will get soft whitening care, perseverance, a better whitening effect is obvious.

How to whiten skin Tip 4: vinegar water wash
Use white vinegar wash is how skin whitening tips. Use a teaspoon of white vinegar with warm water to wash way white facial skin, the skin is not only white but also more feminine, remember to not use too much vinegar, otherwise it will backfire.

How to whiten skin Tip 5: go out to sunscreen
How to whiten skin tips as well as what does, go out in the sun, remember to rub some sunscreen, wearing sunglasses, with Sun umbrellas to block the sun, so that their facial skin is not exposed to the sun, which is the first whitening step.

How to whiten skin Tip 6: apply yogurt mask
How to whiten skin tips as well as what it direct consumption of yogurt attaining, yogurt, there are a lot of lactic acid bacteria, can make the skin whitening quickly, I recommend you do 1-2 times a week yogurt mask, there will be no side effects, and the effect is significant .

How to whiten skin Tip 7: Drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water is how skin whitening tips. Fasting is best to get up early every day to drink a large glass of warm water, an hour before bedtime drink a small cup of water, but allows body cells to fully absorb water, drink plenty of water every day can prevent the emergence of melanin, whitening effect, detoxification of the body is very good. It is proposed to ensure that at least eight glasses of water daily amount.

How to whiten skin Tip 8: good rest and sleep habits
Then natural beauty, and if rest is not good, lack of sleep, the body whitening it is useless. Without a good rest and good sleep habits will not only affect health, but also make the skin blood flow slows, blood vessel contraction, blood stasis spotting, skin becomes gray and black. So, we have a good rest habits and adequate sleep is necessary.

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Article: How to whiten skin tips ultra strong skin whitening methods

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