How to use vitamin C skin whitening

Often heard that Vitamin C can be skin whitening, but how is the use of it? The oral or topical?

1, Vitamin C has antioxidant, vitamin C can inhibit the formation of pigment spots, and promote its dissipated. Adhere to time and taking vitamin C can reduce skin hyperpigmentation, reducing dark spots and freckles, make . Many products are added vitamin C composition, because it can help the skin resist UV rays, prevent dark spots, freckles produce, and was considered very well effect. In summer, can prevent skin damage after sun exposure, promote metabolism, let the formation of melanin has been removed from the body, weakened spots. To the fall and winter, it can change the skin blood circulation, can also help skin to lock moisture necessary to avoid excessive evaporation caused by peeling and tense, strengthen the skin’s ability to resist against external contamination, avoid skin tiredness, sallow ugly.

2, Market buy vitamin c tablets, there are the naturally, but also have synthetic, but if you want to use skin whitening, it should use the natural and oral it.

3, Vitamin C and vitamin E taken together, on the skin whitening very well. Or use a vitamin C, mashed diluted with water, put a compression mask into the water, and then spreading face 15 minutes, you can skin whitening.

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Article: How to use vitamin C skin whitening

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