How to use natural ways to grow taller

We have been advocating healthy eating lifestyle, talking Grow taller, if you are still under 25 years of age, if you follow a healthy diet, you have a chance to grow taller. We disapprove of drugs or electronic grow taller, everything has pros and cons, healthy and happy life is what we agree.

Grow taller golden season
World Health Organization a compelling reports that the body’s growth rate in a year is not the same, grow fastest in May, an average of 7.3 mm; followed by May-Oct months, an average of 6.3 mm . Therefore, the experts at home and abroad recommendations in this “mysterious May to October”, there should be appropriate to increase the diet, increase physical activity, in order to facilitate the body’s growth and development to achieve the best condition. Since growth accelerated in May to October, it is necessary to consume more nutrients, so the best time to grasp the human growth. Nutritionists believe that to replenish various nutrients, in order to promote human growth and development needs and enhance disease resistance.

Protein supplement
Proteins are the basis of life, hyperplasia and muscle, bone cells in organ development are inseparable protein. Human growth and development, the faster, the more we need to add protein, fish, shrimp, lean meat, eggs, peanuts, soy products are rich in high quality protein, you should pay attention more to add. In addition, from May to October, adolescents should be properly eat some eggs, because eggs contain the human body must protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and inorganic salts and other nutrients, is easily digested. A nutritional value of eggs is approximately equal to 250 grams of milk. In the “mystery of the May-October”, due to the rapid growth and development, when the lack of nutrient supply situation, the body would be susceptible to rickets and anemia. Egg yolk contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin D may promote bone calcification and blood raw materials. So, to promote the healthy growth of the egg is the best nourishment foods.

Supply of vitamins and fiber
Vitamins are life-sustaining elements, of which the most important are vitamins A, B, C, is essential for the growth and development of the human body. Animal liver, kidney, eggs, especially vegetables contain vitamins, fiber and minerals, should eat some fresh vegetables.

Increased mineral
Body Grow taller, depending on the growth and development of bone, which lower extremity long bone growth and height most closely. That is, only long bone epiphyseal cartilage cells continue to grow, the body was taller, calcium, phosphorus is the main component of bone, therefore, May-Oct months to add more milk, shrimp, soy, pork, seaweed, seaweed other calcium, phosphorus-rich foods. In addition, to the outdoors more than the sun, ultraviolet radiation increases the opportunity to facilitate in vivo synthesis of vitamin D, to promote gastrointestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so as to ensure the healthy growth of bones.

Summary: To grow taller should eat more protein-rich foods, especially those containing “amino acid” foods, such as: flour, wheat germ, beans, shrimp, crab, shellfish, seaweed, beef, chicken, liver, pig ham, eggs, milk, cheese and dark-colored vegetables. Conversely glutinous rice, desserts and other foods should try not to eat, cola and fruit juice also eat less better, because it contains more sugar will hinder the absorption of calcium, eating more will affect bone development. In addition, salt is the enemy of increase, we must cultivate the habit of eating less salt. Chocolate and milk to eat together can also affect the full absorption of milk nutrients.
Here are just a single presentation from the diet, you want to Grow taller have combined sports and to ensure adequate sleep, etc., Grow taller rely persist and accumulate, without persistence and perseverance are unable to achieve the intended purpose.

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Article: How to use natural ways to grow taller


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