How to treatment of diabetes?

For diabetes, I believe many people are aware. We all know that fat people generally have diabetes, then a younger age in recent years with the disease, we can not ignore any diseases, especially diabetes, the disease is extremely difficult to cure, then we usually suffer from diabetes, how to treat it?

Suffering from diabetes treatment:

First, resistance to treatment
What needs the most effective ? In recent years, the medical field has been to break the superficial treatment of chronic diabetes, there are numerous ways, but the treatment for diabetes increases the resistance to treatment approaches in order to improve the human body immunity system strengthen the function of insulin secretion, and the etiology of chronic diabetic insulin secretion is not sufficient cause dysfunction of glucose metabolism. Because of this it can repair insulin function.

Second, nutritional therapy
1, to encourage people to eat more coarse grain, flour, and a certain amount of grains, practical measures to prevent glucose, sucrose and its products. Hundred percent amino acid content of not more than 15, if there are human renal insufficiency, protein intake prescribed demand reduction, about 30 hundred percent of fat, cholesterol intake throttle, not more than 300mg / day.

2, develop eating recipes, to a reasonable allocation per gram of sugar, amino acids 4kcal, fat 9kcal, will develop recipes calories converted into food, the basis for myself survival habits, illness and medication to do the placement. Early in the evening of food quantity can follow 1: 2: 2 or 1: 1: 1 allocation.

3, in the approach to the situation the right thing, the body weight of obese people should be step by step down if no less impairment eat and drink; if the body weight of the patient to lose weight has increased, it should also be eating program debugging, prevent body weight Then increase.

The method described above is the quality of diabetes, and another addition to the above two kinds of ways, but also pay attention to physical exercise, because exercise can increase endurance, but also on the recovery of the disease is very helpful, so we have to pay attention to the usual diet, regular exercise.

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Article: How to treatment of diabetes?


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