How to treatment and prevent of arteriosclerosis

1, Should pay attention to strengthening the physical and physical exercise. Physical activity will help to improve blood circulation, promote lipid material consumption and reduce the deposition of lipids in the blood vessels to increase plasmin activity and weight loss, it should adhere to the household chores and exercise within your ability. To have mental retardation, mental disorders and physical activity impaired, it is necessary to strengthen care, to prevent accidents.

2, Attention control diet. Should be limited mainly high cholesterol, high fat intake to reduce the deposition of lipids in the blood vessels. Such as restrictions on fat, lard, egg yolks, fish roe and animal offal and other food intake, but also to avoid high-sugar diet, because of the high sugar diet also causes fat metabolism disorders. Should eat more soy products, vegetables, fruits and more food containing cellulose. Edible vegetable oil-based. Diet should be light, not heavy meal, the best to stop tobacco and alcohol.

3, the drug treatment. Aims to reduce the blood lipid concentration, dilation of blood vessels and improve blood circulation, activation of brain cells, can use niacin inositol lipid, Duoxikang, Zhibituo, fenofibrate, in order to reduce the blood lipid concentration.

Combination of the three, and to control the diet and within your ability to increase physical activity-based . Supplemented by drug therapy, better results.

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Article: How to treatment and prevent of arteriosclerosis

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