How to treat psoriasis to prevent deterioration?

Psoriasis is difficult to cure, easy to relapse, but also easy to deteriorate, psoriasis as long as care is not good will cause the deterioration of psoriasis, nursing may not concern the comprehensivetreatment of psoriasis, how to prevent the deterioration?

1, The sun’s ultraviolet rays can resist psoriasis, among which UVB line function is the fastest, but excessive sunlight causes sunburn, so psoriasis patients in an appropriate sunshine at the same time, other parts should wear sunscreen.

2, Use the tar of mild psoriasis effectively, can be directly coated on the psoriasis tar, or the affected part is immersed in the tar and tar shampoo to small, clean scalp, although medicinal tar will dirty the scalp, and the bad smell, but after a period of time, it will gradually be developed, but if tar to make you feel hot or allergy, should stop using.

3, Using a humidifier. Psoriasis patients to maintain skin moisture is very important, so, in the dryseason, the best use of humidifiers to improve the humidity inside the house.

4, Avoid the cold climate. Climate has a great effect on psoriasis, for most people, the dry and coldclimate will make the worsening of psoriasis.

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Article: How to treat psoriasis to prevent deterioration?


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