How to train the child’s independence

Cherish the child’s self- independent intentions

Psychologists have pointed out : When children ask for some kind of independent activity meets or supported by adults , children on the show proud, happy , a ” self-esteem “, ” proud ” and other self-affirmation of the initial emotion and attitude , otherwise it appears negative emotions and attitudes. Therefore, we must cherish the independence of children intention to give enthusiastic encouragement and support the continuous development of their independence .

Respect for the child

Attention to the tone and manner of speaking children to carefully listen to children talk , make the child feel that you respect him. Do not eat the child and forced to let the children do not try to do things a tone of command . Do not publicly reprimanded child ” disappointing ,” ” stupid ,” ” worthless ” and so on , this will deeply hurt the child ‘s self-esteem . An equal attitude towards children . Proved : full respect of children by their parents , most kind to others , polite , manners and generous, a strong sense of self- independence . Psychologists believe that a child be given due respect and good response .

Do not over- protect their children

In western countries, parents attached great importance to the cultivation of the independence of the child , they advocate an early age to cultivate children ‘s sense of independence . Child born let him places alone in a room, rarely with their parents. Child learning to walk , fell, got up himself .

From cultured on interest

Let the kids have to do anything to avoid a simple command , to prevent their labor or hostile or offensive mentality. Preschoolers have a strong interest in games and activities , so that children do symbolic work , you should try the game of , so that they will actively participate with great interest , if they can keep training regularly , they will gradually develop a love work habits. Independence and hard-working, despite the difficulties are inextricably linked, not a labor of love , afraid of hard work , how to adhere to the independence and autonomy it ?

Slow decomposition action

Parents can decide according to the child ‘s level of support provided to what extent . Such as eating , the child may begin an independent meal did not know how to take a spoon , how to put into his mouth , the parents can eat action decomposition , step by step to teach children .

Language instruction is essential

Although the children’s language comprehension and expression is not very high , but if a clear demonstration of action with appropriate language to explain, will have a multiplier effect . Intuitive image of action is the best tool to interpret the meaning of the language .

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Article: How to train the child’s independence

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