How to skin whitening in fall and winter

In autumn and winter is often the most important skin care season. Due to dry weather, the face will emerge a few acne, there will be new skin replaces old phenomenon! The following are the skin whitening methods in autumn and winter.

1, First moisturizing, an then . Can increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum of skin, improve the skin’s surface cells and tissues. Started lots of supply moisture, the use of moisturizing effect of lotion, emulsion, even the best choice of isolation Cream products, because these products can help lock in moisture.

2, Because of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation will produce melanin, the sun protection is very important for skin whitening. In the choice of whitening products, it is best to pick the products containing sunscreen ingredients, in addition, can add a layer of Cream or sunscreen. Do not use dry powder!

3, Eat skin whitening food. Contains vitamin C, vitamin E of food, especially tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, carrots, oats, peanuts, green peppers are all good antioxidant and skin whitening foods. Eat less acidic foods such as meat, oil, wine, sugar. There must be less smoking, especially before sleep Do not smoke!

4, Skin whitening purification conditioning. This step is in the care of regulating the cuticle, through skin whitening cleansing product to remove dull surface skin keratinocytes; by skin whitening lotion re-clean the skin, skin whitening supplement nutrients. Because after the summer grill and disrepair, accumulation of the old cuticle, the skin will become rough, not smooth, then valuable, effective skin whitening products unfavorable to the absorption. So this step is a prerequisite skin whitening nourishing.

5, Skin whitening nourishing. Skin whitening Essence and skin whitening cream is the best skin nutrition. Cleaning products with whitening, the facial skin clean. Is the best time to add nutrients skin whitening. Complete nourishment process includes serum, eye cream, whitening lotion and skin whitening night cream to use. Essence is the most concentrated curing component, the most significant effect of the product, contains the active ingredients can directly penetrate the epidermis. Picked the right suitable whitening products, whitening effect will be very obvious.

6, Skin Whitening Mask. Facial mask is a super skin care products, whitening mask effect is very good for the skin in a short time to provide adequate nutrition, super penetration through the skin to achieve the desired state. And mask forms a sealed cover, the skin surface temperature increased, so that the pores open, whitening ingredients to be absorbed quickly.

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Article: How to skin whitening in fall and winter

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