How to replenishment moisturizing skin in winter ?

In winter, our skin is easy because the weather is cold and dry and water shortages, and at this time is particularly important.

1, Fruits replenishment and moisturizing skin method
Fruit in more than 80% moisture content, is a high moisture content foods, nutrient-rich, easy foraging, more digestible absorption and calories than other foods is minimal. Preferred apples, oranges, pears, grapes, oranges and other fruit moisture content of much. In addition, daily made from slices cucumber or tomato apply in the face, not only add moisture but also whitening!

2, Drinking water method
Drinking water is added to the internal body of water, sufficient water intake is not only healthy, but also get plenty of moisture the skin, Drinking water 5-7 cups per day for adults. Especially early morning a cup of water, both effectively cleared the gastrointestinal tract, promoting the discharge of toxic substances in the body, also added a night of water consumption, reducing the concentration of the blood, increasing blood circulation, skin bright luster.

3, Correct choice of cosmetic products
Winter should choose a strong moisturizing effect of oily cosmetic products and nutrition increase frost, so that your skin properly protected.

4, Simple and effective method of massage moisturizing
Apply moisturizing lotion after the massage is to promote a very effective method replenishment skin and moisturizing skin. Massage can make the skin good blood circulation, skin cells to get the required oxygen and nutrients, increase metabolic rate, promote nutrition and water absorption.

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Article: How to replenishment moisturizing skin in winter ?

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