How to quit smoking – 6 ways to help you quit smoking

As we all know, smoking is harmful to health, especially the damage to lung function, I smoke for 10 years, and now cessation, now share my smoking cessation methods.

1. Will be lighter, smoke, all thrown away. Restraint of poor friends who do not bring money. In the 5 days of quitting to fully rest, life should be the regular.

2. The first month of smoking cessation is the most difficult, when the addiction to the time, covered with boring, yawn, but remember that you insist.

3. If it is uncomfortable, you can buy some snacks to satisfy their craving, can divert attention. If you are afraid of the body fat, you can go out and take a walk, sports and sports breathing fresh air.

4. Be sure to avoid participating in the habit of smoking places or activities.

5. Can eat a variety of vitamin B group, to stabilize the nerve to get rid of nicotine. Firmly refused the temptation of cigarettes, often remind ourselves that smoking a cigarette enough to make smoking plans come to naught.

6. In general, adhere to three months to completely quit.


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Article: How to quit smoking – 6 ways to help you quit smoking


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