How to quickly remove blackheads? Black export liquid using six steps

is used to skin oils cured product of blackheads, soften decomposition, so that blackheads surfaced epidermis, so it can achieve the purpose of removing blackheads. in the end how to use it? How to quickly remove blackheads?

Preparation tools: cotton, acne needle, sprinkle fine cotton balls, Black export liquid

Step 1, Cleansing
First with foam cleanser or cleansing powder gently rubbing a rich foam, then circle method, in your nose more massage, you can make your pores open up!

Step 2, Steamed face
Then steam steaming your face for yourself, or you can hold a bowl of hot water, then put his face into the water 20 cm from the place, the use of steam as you open the pores and soften the horny.

Step 3, Liquid derived
The liquid derived pushed cotton pad top, attention must be soaked, then it will apply to cotton pad on the nose, ten minutes after which you can win here, you will find a cotton pad will have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads.

Step 4, Squeeze blackheads
Then an acne needle gently scrape the blackheads can be easily cleaned.

Step 5,Shrink pores
Now wash your face with cold water, do not use facial cleanser. Then to pat the  nose Shrink pores extracts and contraction of water just fine.

Step 6, Moisture replenishment
When you have finished the shrink pores after working on putting a moisturizing mask that can help the skin moisturizing, just squeeze the blackheads can also calm irritated skin.

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Article: How to quickly remove blackheads? Black export liquid using six steps

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