How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

In fact, at this stage and there is no good way to completely prevent stretch marks. But experienced moms summarized the following points, but also as a reference for you mothers:

1, Control weight gain

Pregnancy weight gain does not exceed the recommended value, which is generally take control weight gain between 11.5 to 13.5 kg, while the slow rate of weight gain, may reduce the chances of grow stretch marks.

Recommended solution:

A, Proper drinking habits for your skin elasticity planned speed. After getting up in the morning, you can drink a large glass of warm mineral water, it can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, visceral enter the work state; in the morning, the discharge of body waste is very important. If you are often trapped by constipation, it may add some salt in the water.

B, Adjust the diet, try to eat fresh fruits and drink less fruit juice, drink skim milk, whole milk drink less; drink clear soup, drink less bisque, eat low-sugar fruit and less biscuits and salad.

C, Moderate exercise or light housework help restore skin elasticity. To increase the waist and abdomen, skin elasticity effect buttocks, breasts, inner thighs and other parts of the obvious.

D, To ensure a balanced, nutritious diet, avoid excessive intake of carbohydrates and excess calories lead to excessive weight gain.

2. Apply olive oil, essential oils to prevent stretch marks

Mothers insisted from the beginning of pregnancy until three months after giving birth within three months with olive oil or oil massage the abdomen. Massage method is to take a daily amount of olive oil evenly applied to abdominal, buttocks, inner thighs and other parts, gently massage a few minutes to absorb. Even some stretch marks has been formed, as long as diligent massage can make fine lines no longer increases, stretch marks range will no longer expand.

Preferably after a bath (because it is the best time blood circulation), sooner or later a better massage, massage each time for about ten – fifteen minutes.

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Article: How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy


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