How to prevent recurrence of stomach trouble

The prevention of recurrence of stomach trouble

1, To prevent stomach cold.
With climate change, a timely increase in clothing, sleep at night to cover the quilt to prevent stomach cold, leading to a recurrence of stomach.

2, To enhance physical activity.

Participate in physical activity, improve the blood circulation of the gastrointestinal tract, and enhance the qualities of the human body, to improve the ability to adapt to climate change, and the opportunity to reduce the incidence of favor.

3, Diet nursed back to health.
Patients with stomach diet should be appropriate to the gentle light elements do frequent meals, given quantitative food the stomach often food and gastric acid. Should also pay attention to eating slowly, in order to facilitate digestion and absorption, reduce the burden on the stomach.

4, Pay attention to psychological health.
People should always maintain a happy, optimistic mood, mental health, avoid anxiety, fear, tension, sadness and other adverse factors stimulate.

5, To avoid drug stimulation.
Clinical Practice has proved that some traditional Chinese medicines and irritation, ulcers can be expanded sicker. Therefore, should be forbidden to take on the gastric mucosa strongly stimulating drugs. Illness need to take these drugs should be taken after a meal, or add drugs used to treat stomach at the same time.

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Article: How to prevent recurrence of stomach trouble

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