How to prevent of H7N9 – avian influenza

Daily life, how to ? Prevention of avian influenza ways:

1, As little as possible go to many people crowded, poorly ventilated spaces. Especially the elderly and infirm residents or suffering from underlying diseases, in the period of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases, but also to pay attention to personal hygiene and self-protection.

2, Maintain good indoor ventilation. Attention to personal hygiene, washing hands frequently, sneezing, coughing attention to cover nose and mouth, should wash their hands after cleaning the nose and mouth, do not spit, to prevent infection of others.

3, Minimize livestock unnecessary contact, with special attention to avoid contact with and edible died of illness livestock.

4, Attention to food hygiene, processing and preserving food to separate raw and cooked; do not eat raw or undercooked poultry meat, eggs and other food; does not buy without quarantine of poultry products.

5, Enhance physical exercise, pay attention to nutritional supplements, to ensure adequate sleep and rest, avoid over exertion, strengthen body resistance.

6, The event of fever, cough and other symptoms of acute respiratory infections, especially high fever, difficulty breathing, should be approaching the hospital, be sure to tell your doctor before the onset of the disease poultry contact, and treatment and medication under the guidance of a doctor. To the hospital should wear a mask.

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Article: How to prevent of H7N9 – avian influenza

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