How to prevent hair loss for computer workers

Computer access and work more and more people, this population of hair loss is more common. As long computer radiation can cause hair loss. Such person hair loss how to do it? Men work long hours in front of the computer or playing online games very easily and mental exhaustion, long-term state of tension so that the central nervous system, autonomic disorders, skin vasoconstriction dysfunction, scalp local blood vessels contraction of the blood supply reduced, resulting in hair follicle malnutrition, resulting in cerebral cortex pleased, the spirit of high tension. More in computer work hair loss, this type of cerebral time longer, sebaceous gland secretion exuberant, resulting in hair fragility easily happen to fall off. Computer use for a long time hair loss what to do?

1, A reasonable adjustment to the computer usage time. Every half hour in front of the computer, it should temporarily take a break and leave the computer screen, to distant afar few minutes, rolling rolling head and neck, or simply close their eyes a few minutes.

2, Sleep should be sufficient. No matter how tense work, eight hours of sleep is essential, but also to try to ensure the quality of sleep, the cerebral cortex blood the reincarnation timely adjust. The hair loss may be associated with sleep quality, and often stay up late to work overtime, easily insomnia hair loss, computer users can find time to nap, the biological clock to adjust the disorder. At the same time, relieve tension, anxiety, mood, maintain a relaxed state of mind, all help to improve hair loss.

3, The usual attention to diet. More than usual intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and food rich in vitamin B, eat more grains, vitamin A to maintain the normal function of the scalp tissue, reducing the fat to accumulate in the hair follicles, thereby promoting normal growth of hair.

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Article: How to prevent hair loss for computer workers

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