How to prevent eczema

Eczema as a high incidence of the disease in the skin disease. Life for , bring people’s injuries are relatively large, so usually with prevention-based, then how to prevent the occurrence of , eczema prevention measures following introduce it.

The experts said that the necessary measures to keep the skin clean to prevent skin disease. Eczema is often decreased immunity, the onset of the destruction of the skin barrier function. Therefore, prevention of eczema in life to pay attention to regular bathing to keep the skin clean, avoid using soap and other cleaning agents to prevent excessive loss of skin moisture grease. Cotton clothing is soft, less skin irritation, does not cause skin itching. The prevention of eczema should avoid personal wearing synthetic fabrics, wool, these clothes will not only stick to the body, and may lead to itchy skin, induced eczema.

Eczema prevention to avoid rapid changes in skin temperature, for example, from a warm house into the cold outdoors, or vice versa, are likely to lead to dermatitis and eczema. Therefore, prevention of eczema in life to pay attention to the weather changes, change of clothing to avoid excessive skin temperature changes. Dry air is apt to cause skin diseases, especially when winter heated indoor use. Eczema prevention to keep indoor air humidity should be the first considerations of patients and their families. Moisture can use to keep indoor air moist.

Above tells about eczema prevention measures, we hope to help make effective measures, good eczema prevention measures can help people to take preventive measures.

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Article: How to prevent eczema

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