How to prevent depression?

People increasingly fast pace of life, increasing pressure, a lot of people there neurasthenia, depressive symptoms, how to prevent it depression?

1, Regular lifestyle:
Maintain a good lifestyle, early hours, do not stay up late, to avoid clock disorder caused by neurasthenia, strengthen daily physical activity, enhance physical fitness, to maintain a healthy body.
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2, The diet should be scientific and rational balance:
Maintain good eating habits, not greedy, not a partial eclipse, picky eaters, maintain nutritional balance, avoid obesity or malnutrition caused by thin, low immunity, but also to avoid the lack of trace elements, poor diet can cause poor health, emerging diseases, diseases It appeared, that the mood will be good?

3, To maintain a positive and optimistic attitude:
Positive and optimistic attitude towards life, to treat difficult to continuously improve their ability to resist setback, allow yourself to become strong, confident, a day after it was already telling their own troubles yesterday, and to be happy too good today, the sun every day is new, their feelings have to be new.

4, Actively adjust negative emotions:
When experiencing failure and frustration or misfortune, to consciously take the initiative to mental conditioning, timely remission to ease their negative emotions, if they can not, we must seek the help of others.

5, The courage to face to solve the problem:
With the necessary courage to face the problem, solve the problem, but can not choose to escape, or buried in the bottom of my heart, do not tell others, and they can not solve themselves, blindly repressed self, living under pressure or pain.

6, Improve their moral character cultivation:
Develop their own interests, more books, learn cultivate character, self-cultivation, and enjoy the gift of nature, enjoy a better life, trying to make their own happy mood, to develop open-minded, cheerful personality.

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Article: How to prevent depression?


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