How to prevent dandruff and itchy scalp

To completely solve the itchy head, we must first find out the cause of . Scalp itching is due to a reduction in the defensive function of the head skin, and it causes such as fungal infection (Epidermidis furcifera), environmental impact, climate change, stress, scalding or shampoo Improper product and so on. Excessive hair oil and can affect each other, hair grease and more can form suitable for fungal infections (such as furrow fungus) growth environment, fungal reproduction further leads to , dandruff and more.

Single shampoo, dandruff and can not fundamentally solve the problem. Experts said scalp health management should first raise awareness of scalp care, followed by attention to scientific care, but also eat beneficial to healthy hair foods such as black sesame, walnut and so on. The following will tell you four scalp care coup, let you easily have a healthy scalp, get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff.

Scalp care

1: Appropriate shampoo temperature

When you shampoo, be sure to ensure that the temperature of the shampoo is appropriate, overheated water scalds sensitive scalp, and take away more fat, so that inadequate protection; and too cold will stimulate the scalp contraction, appear more Severe itching symptoms. Shampoo temperature fluctuates in the normal body temperature is appropriate, but also play a role in soothing the scalp. In addition, be sure to thoroughly clean the shampoo or conditioner, do not leave any residue to continue to cause damage to the scalp.

2: Gentle moisturizing care products

Scalp sensitive, the first thing to do is moisturizing, as long as the scalp in the moist environment to slowly restore the normal acid-base level and water and oil balance, and gradually repair the self-protection of the barrier; while moisturizing at the same time, the main choice Gentle products, can no longer bring too much stimulation to the scalp, think about when your face is allergic, the gentleness of the products used will understand. You can prioritize the mineral-rich formula with its hydrating benefits. This product is generally effective in soothing the scalp, reducing scalp fatigue and regaining scalp vitality.

3: Massage the scalp

To the scalp to do the appropriate massage is the most effective way from the scalp massage. Shampoo rubbed the scalp, massage for two to three minutes, this helps the blood circulation, and play a soothing effect; and usually can be in some massage cream or scalp essential oil with the use of the following massage: first Press from head to both sides, and then press backwards from front to back, or from temples on both sides, press down with your thumbs up the hairline while combing your hair with your fingers and gently lifting the scalp.

4: Maintain physical and mental health

Excessive stress and frustration will not only lead to physical discomfort, even the scalp will be implicated, in fact, this is the most important source of hair loss symptoms. Therefore, please maintain a pleasant mood, do not let the pressure and trouble undermine the health of the scalp, but also need to pay more attention to the diet, especially in the season, for your scalp health, please properly avoid taboos, to avoid too spicy salty Irritant food.

The scalp will suffer when the three balances of scalp, grease, and metabolism are damaged. Therefore, we must do a good job of daily maintenance so that the scalp will not itch. In general, mild to moderate scalp pruritus and dandruff do not require medical attention and can be ameliorated through proper care, but medical treatment is required if the condition is severe or accompanied by significant hair loss and endocrine disorders.

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Article: How to prevent dandruff and itchy scalp

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