How to prevent cold hands and feet in winter?

In winter improved methods of – Tips to prevent cold hands and feet in winter:

1, Eat panax quinquefolium. Can be soaked in water to drink.

2, To eat sesame seeds, peanuts. Rich in vitamin E and a variety of nutrients that can help the absorption of vitamin B, and strengthen the ability of nerves against the cold. Vitamin E also expand blood vessels, can enhance the body’s peripheral blood circulation.

3, Eat onions, peppers and other to help the body produce heat , promote blood circulation of food.

4, Foot bath per day. Foot bath is the most effective method. In deep basin add 40 degrees of hot water, allowing water to diffuse through the ankle. Soak for 20 minutes or so, you will feel the body heat, which shows the blood circulation flow after the body begins to heat. If the foot bath and then rubbing your feet at the same time, the effect will be better.

5, Aerobic exercise. Jogging, brisk walking, skipping, disco, tai chi, etc., will make up the body in various parts of the activities, promote blood circulation, but not excessive exercise, high intensity exercise, a lot of sweat, will play the opposite role.

6, Wear cotton socks. Not only soft and comfortable cotton socks, but also absorb sweat, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day can be.

7, Tonic calorie foods. Cold, in order to increase the heat, cold hands and feet to be interested in improving tonic. Eat more such as beef, mutton or dog meat, chicken, duck, fish; and to eat less cold fruit such as pears, water chestnuts and so on.

8, Ensure adequate sleep. At least a day to ensure that six to eight hours of sleep.

9, Orange peel treatment cold hands and feet. Scientists have discovered that orange peel extract hesperidin, added to drinking water, can significantly improve the phenomenon of cold hands and feet of women.

10, Massage hands and feet center, Have time, you can always rubbing hands and feet center to improve peripheral blood micro-circulation, and with hands and feet warm effect.

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Article: How to prevent cold hands and feet in winter?

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