How to prevent chapped lips in autumn and winter

Into the autumn and winter, the weather is getting dry. Under the microscope, you can see the lip of the epidermal cells showed flat, skin look slim Fine, vulnerable to damage. Only the lips of the skin and other body parts of 1/5 thickness, and sebaceous glands there is no, unlike other parts of the skin, therefore, requires the use of winter moisturizing emollient lip balm to maintain and gloss.

Effective way to deal with chapped lips

1, select moisturizing lipstick.

Generally divided into moisturizing lipstick lipstick and persistent lipstick. Persistent lipstick Although less decolorization overflow, but it is very astringent, not enough moisture. The biggest drawback is the lack of moisture persistent lipstick. So severe chapped lips dry, lip wrinkles and deep, or do not use persistent lipstick.

2, do not peel off the lips dry skin.

Because of the dry climate, moisturizing skin care has long been the focus of this season. But often overlooked moist lips, lips chapped, accumulation of dead skin, peeling become the most annoying situation. Thus there must not peel off dead skin situation which is absolutely the wrong way, not only will make peeling heavier, can also cause bleeding and lip cracks. Instead of using moderate peeling, apply three minutes before the lips with a hot towel and let the dead skin sufficiently softened, then reconcile with the consumption of sugar in the honey-coated lips, circular motion to clean, you can easily get rid of the dead skin.

3, to eliminate the habit of licking lips.

Dry winter you are not always used to lick their lips? Want anytime, anywhere “moist” lips, this is the wrong approach! Because only bring temporary licking lips moist lips when they would take away the water evaporates more moisture inside the lips, so that his lips fall into a vicious cycle.

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Article: How to prevent chapped lips in autumn and winter


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