How to prepare pregnant give birth to a healthy baby

Preparation of pregnancy is a critical moment before pregnancy, add iodine, iron, calcium is luxurious in order to lay the foundation for the birth to a healthy baby.

1-2 times a week to eat seafood, you can iodine supplement.

Eat lean meat and jujube iron supplementation. Prepare pregnant women eat more iron-containing foods include liver, lean meat, black fungus, red dates and other plant foods in order to achieve the effect of subsidies.

Every day to drink milk or soy milk calcium.

Eat fruits and vegetables daily vitamin supplements.

Quit bad habits, away from secondhand smoke, do not drink strong tea and coffee, do not stay up late, to maintain adequate rest.

Do not have the psychological pressure, let it be.

Although the inner preparation During Pregnancy need to add iodine, iron, calcium, but in moderation, prepare reference intake during pregnancy.

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Article: How to prepare pregnant give birth to a healthy baby


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