How to make the skin white and tender?

How to make the and tender? Following skin whiteing tips:

Avoid sunlight in the sun Irradiating the skin, regardless of sunny days, there is ultraviolet light. Try to avoid sunshine from 10 pm to 3 pm Go out to wipe sunscreen, wearing a sun hat, wearing long sleeves, the use of umbrellas. This protects the skin from UV rays. Exposed areas can wipe a little sunscreen.

Eat foods containing vitamin C
Such as kiwi, melon, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, fresh dates, raw pears, oranges, broccoli, grape juice, orange juice, strawberries, dates and so on. Among them kiwi, known as the king of Victoria C; followed by jujube, papaya; fruits and vegetables in tomatoes and pepper are rich in Victoria C. Do not intake too much trace elements, right amount, will make the skin darken.

Ensure adequate sleep, have a normal routine.
Emotional stability is very important for the balance of endocrine. Having a woman with a gentle tolerance is beautiful, which is not just a psychological impression. Reward yourself a smile every day.

Avoid eating artificial additives products, eat less fried foods. Such foods can affect the precipitation of melanin
Water accounts for the body 0.6-0.7, drink plenty of water will keep the skin vitality. Get up in the morning to drink a cup, drink a cup before going to sleep at night, drinking water more than 500ml guarantee each day.

Have the correct way to wash your face
According to the survey, more than 70% of women did not choose the right cleansing products for their own, but there are also different ways to wash your face. Adjust the way to wash your face, or wrong care will damage the skin day by day, so you do not have any skin care products effective.

Oil control
Oily skin, do not deal with facial oils in time. Grease will slowly accumulate, and finally plug the burr to form acne, blackheads. With these ease, the skin will not be obvious.
You can use the oil control facial cleanser, you can also, after having cold water wash, then wash it again with warm water, effectively clean the pores.
Replenishment [dry skin]
Use replenishment mask, replenishment of cleanser.

Use a whitening mask
This can buy finished products, you can also make their own home materials out.

There are economic base can choose to go to the beauty salon to maintain once a week.

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Article: How to make the skin white and tender?

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