How to make children less cold and fever

Child cold is a very troublesome thing, not only children suffer, and adults have a variety of busy, so how to make children less cold and fever?

1, Often concerned about the weather changes, cooling should be prepared in advance, timely increase or decrease of clothing is important.

2, Children sweat, do not immediately allow children to take off their clothes, cold wind will be particularly vulnerable to cold.

3, During the flu, to reduce the child’s travel, especially where a lot of people, much less to go, do not go as far as possible.

4, Ventilation should be frequent at home, so that indoor and outdoor air circulation.

5, If someone has a cold at home, try to wear a mask to reduce the close contact with your child, so as not to spread the cold to your child.

6, Children should be timely attention after a cold, drink plenty of water and take appropriate measures, do not let the child’s symptoms worsened.

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Article: How to make children less cold and fever


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