How to maintain a healthy skin in the fall?

Autumn to the weather gradually dry up, the human skin is tight every day. Drying, water shortage will be more and more serious with the arrival of autumn, autumn, how can we maintain a healthy skin?

Moderate drinking water
Moderate drinking water is autumn moistening, anti-dry essential maintenance measures. It can make up for the loss of water in summer, and anti-autumn dry consumption of body fluids. Every day to drink enough water, so that the penetration of tissue cells, maintaining the body’s acid-base balance. To ensure the normal operation of the body metabolism, and effective human excreted from the body, so as to maintain the skin clean and vitality. Which boiled water is the best “natural drink”, should be preferred.

Balanced nutrition
Malnutrition can make people’s skin dry, coarse, wrinkled, hard. Therefore, the usual attention should be paid to the diversity of diet, nutrition, rationality, and more food can transform the skin stratum corneum, smooth skin of vitamin A (animal liver, kidney, heart, lean meat, etc.), eat fresh fruits and vegetables, Eat porridge, eat spicy fried hot food. Eat more to dry lungs of food, such as lotus root, lily, sesame seeds, peanuts, chestnuts, yams, etc. In addition, dry weather, lips cracked, both affect the appearance and increase discomfort. To solve this problem, in addition to lip wash with warm water lipstick, the usual should eat foods rich in vitamin B2, such as animal liver, milk, eggs, red radish, apples, bananas and pears.

Living health
Daily life should be on the “early hours”, do not hooded sleep, his head exposed, to maintain indoor air circulation. Maintain adequate sleep and optimistic attitude to help the body detoxification, promote skin repair, make skin more vibrant. Exercise is not appropriate if the intensity is too large. After the weather is cool, wear less clothes, the skin is easy to goose bumps, the skin surface cells will become very rough, feeling a layer of thick stratum corneum appeared. In order to avoid the skin appears too thick cuticle, usually should pay attention to keep warm.

Clean the facial skin
Wash your face to wash clean: be sure to select the surface temperature of the water to wash, because the cold water will shrink pores, can not completely clean the dirt inside the skin, and finally tap the face with cold water, to shrink pores and accelerate the role of blood circulation .

Select the appropriate skin care products
Select the principles of skin care products: First, according to skin properties, the second is based on time and climate. In the fall to use non-alcoholic ingredients make-up water, moisturizing and non-greasy day cream and night cream, bleaching effect of soft mask.
Autumn ultraviolet light, although not as intense in the summer, but will increase the skin melanin, the skin becomes darker, more in-depth skin, damage to the skin structure, skin aging, so choose the best skin care products are whitening, moisturizing and nutritional functions, Only in this way, to meet the skin in the fall of many needs.

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Article: How to maintain a healthy skin in the fall?

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