How to loss weight by walk

Walking is a good form of aerobic exercise . This is also a good way to lose weight. Taking the time to enjoy a fantastic day of weather and scenery of South Africa , both good soul and good for the body .

How far , fast, you need to go in order to lose weight depends on several factors:

First, you need to lose much weight ?

The more kilograms, you want to get rid of, you need to burn more calories. Depending on your speed , weight and stride length walk one kilometer through the number of calories burned .

Pedometer calorie counter calculation based on these three factors . Just enter the information and the pedometer will tell you how far you’ve gone , how long you walk, calories consumed .

For example, a woman weighing 75 kg , walking three kilometers an hour , burning 230 calories. Put it in perspective, a 55 g bar of chocolate contains 254 calories, an average of 74 brown bread slice calories .

How far , how fast ?

When considering how far , how fast to go , think about your current physical condition.

Your body do ? If not, you will want to start more slowly than you , if you are in great shape . Start at a slower rate , only one kilometer away .

Soon, you can add two kilometers at a faster rate , and increase the speed and the number of kilometers increased fitness .

Keep your heart rate up

weight loss is the key to burning calories , calories burned , the key is to keep your heart rate up . I suggest you do this for 45 minutes, five days a week . When your heart rate increases, 45 minutes , your body will start burning fat. Muscle will be built , over time and replacement of fat.

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat

Walking to lose weight – how far and how fast ?
It does not seem like you have lost a lot of weight , because you ‘re building muscle instead of fat and muscle weighs more than fat . As time goes by, you will find that continue to exercise kg decreased .

Consider walking with partners

This is one of the best way to continue your aerobic exercise. Participate in physical activity with partners can be quite motivated, especially when you are trying to lose weight .

Always take

It is very important. Set a schedule and stick to it. This is what will help you lose weight often encountered obstacles.

You may even find yourself to continue your fitness program , once all the extra pounds off !

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Article: How to loss weight by walk

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