How to know what kind of B vitamins they lack

Daily life, we all know that the human body needs a variety of B vitamins, to ensure that the intake of B vitamins, health is very important, how to know what kind of vitamin B they lack?
How to know what kind of B vitamins they lack?

1. Lack of vitamin B1. can cause indigestion, numbness in limbs, eat peanuts, rice, tomatoes can be added.

2. The lack of  B2 will cause angular cheilitis, glossitis. Suitable to eat millet, beans, meat, etc..

3. Lack of B3 can cause insomnia and bad breath, headache, mental fatigue, can be appropriate to add vitamin B3.

4. The lack of  B5 will lead to the occurrence of neuritis, dermatitis, diarrhea. Can eat some milk, fresh vegetables, eggs.

5. B6 deficiency can cause muscle cramps, the wound is not willing to heal, you can add vitamin B6.

6. The lack of B12 will cause loss of appetite, memory loss, dry hair scarce, to eat some animal liver.



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Article: How to know what kind of B vitamins they lack


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