How to improve the quality of sleep

Sleep, everyone is indispensable, but not everyone sleep quality are good, so the following describes some of the methods to improve the quality of sleep.

Methods / steps

1, Before going to bed, drink a glass of milk, because milk help in human sleep.

2, Do not do strenuous exercise before going to bed, which would allow nerve more excited, more difficult to fall asleep, while asleep, and also may allow you to dream.

3, Do not put scented irritating objects in the room. Such as perfume, fragrances, flowers. Avoid irritation to the nose.

4, The pillow can buy a more comfortable, such as resin pillows, memory foam pillows are good, but also prevent a stiff neck.

5, Pajamas, it is best to buy cotton, loose-fitting clothing, so no sense of restraint, sleep was more personal.

6, If possible, but also to the drugstore to buy some tranquilizing oral, eat a few days later, the effect is still good.

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Article: How to improve the quality of sleep

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