How to have fair skin – five whitening skin tips

The is everyone’s dream, but when you encounter the strong sunlight, this dream is very difficult to achieve. Unless we all have to know how to whiten skin whitening methods, so that we can truly become a fair complexion beauty. Today, five whitening methods, with a look!

1, Vitamin supplements
Due to the precipitation of skin melanin, the skin tissue disorder. At this time, we need to add vitamins A, B, E etc.. These vitamins are not only able to regulate body functions, improve people’s immunity, but also play the role of the .

Recommend eating vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables
Fruits: oranges, apples, etc.
Vegetables: tomatoes, cabbage, etc..

2, Massage skin achieve whitening
Massage the effect. Microvascular dermal layer which is divided into two parts, namely a deep vein and superficial blood vessels. The former can be used to regulate body temperature and the latter to supply the nutrition of the epidermis. Appropriate massage to the skin can be brought to the skin of oxygen and vitality, but also improve blood circulation, accelerate the blood supply of the skin, skin is more fair complexion and healthy.

3, Skin immediate moisturizing
What is the best natural barrier of the skin? The answer is three, the compaction of the stratum corneum, uniform water-soluble grease and tough cell membrane. As long as these three areas is a problem, our skin will become due to lack of moisture ugly yellowish. Therefore, the must do at least once a moisturizing mask a week, to lighten the skin.

4, The essential oils whitening skin
Whether the essential oils of lavender, lemon, rose, mint, etc., can play a good role in whitening products, skin renewed glory, and make the skin more white.

5, skin care, the first step and the last step
Whether it is out or back at home after, the first step in skin care are cleansing the face. Thoroughly clean the skin, a special conditioning the skin. The function of the skin absorption of nutrients enhanced, have a better absorption of whitening products nutrition, in order to achieve the whitening effect.

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Article: How to have fair skin – five whitening skin tips

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