How to effectively prevent the appearance of high blood pressure?

Hypertension is a disease that occurs in middle-aged and elderly people. With the development of society, the incidence of high blood pressure increases year by year, which has a great harm to the human body. Now that people are busy with their work day by day while ignoring their own health, more and more people are suffering from high blood pressure. Hypertension a lot of harm, so early prevention is king. So, how can we effectively prevent the appearance of high blood pressure?

1, Prevention of hypertension

Hypertension and physical constitution, emotions, life disorders are closely related, so the prevention of hypertension should also firmly grasp these aspects. First of all, we must pay attention to adjust emotions, keep the mood cheerful and optimistic, avoid prolonged mental stress, mental and emotional relaxation, liver accessible, happy. Emotional regulation must first eliminate excess luxury, tranquil nothingness, humility, sadness, natural and happy. To reduce thinking, relax tensions, eliminate noise interference, stay happy. Everyone happy event, joy can make people relaxed and happy, eliminate mental fatigue, regulate viscera function, thereby reducing heart rate and lower blood pressure. Hypertension and human constitutional factors related to obesity to prevent high blood pressure, should be appropriate weight loss, a reasonable reduction in intake of food, appropriate physical labor and physical exercise to reduce weight and reduce the incidence of hypertension. Have a family history of hypertension or people over the age of 40, should be more regular health checks, early detection of hypertension, early treatment. Prevention of high blood pressure should be a good life, as far as possible to order the law of life. Should pay attention to regulate the diet, eat less thick thick taste, appropriate to reduce salt intake, control spicy spicy food, but drink strong tea, coffee and other drinks, avoid smoking or alcohol as well. It was reported smoking a cigarette, its systolic blood pressure can increase 10–25mmhg, heart rate increased 5-20 times. More middle-aged to ensure sleep, stay up late as little as possible, and moderate restraint, reduce excessive loss of kidney essence, to maintain good gas, good health.

2, Self-care method for hypertensive patients

Patients suffering from high blood pressure, in addition to the doctor for medical treatment, it should also be a positive self-regulation.

How to effectively prevent the appearance of high blood pressure?

1) Self-care First of all, we can arrange some activities that are good for both body and mind, eliminate tension and maintain blood pressure stability. Such as planting flowers, raising birds and fish, listening to music, learning calligraphy, painting, fishing, etc., can cultivate sentiments, rather refreshing.

2) Massage health care. Massage the head, with both hands index finger or middle finger wipe the forehead, and then rub the head by hand rub the temples on both sides of the site, and then separate your fingers from the forehead to the pillow after combing hair repeatedly, each 5 – 10 minutes.

3) Wash your feet. Before going to sleep at night, foot bath feet with warm water.

4) In addition, you can also sunbathe, forest bath, spring bath and other self-care activities. All self-care should be insisted on long-term, will have a significant effect, in particular, to consolidate the efficacy of treatment, contributed.


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Article: How to effectively prevent the appearance of high blood pressure?

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