How to effectively prevent oily skin

Summer is coming, teenagers acne is the most troublesome problem is the appearance of oily skin, here, I talk about my own personal way to .

1. Turn up the airconditioning, if you have an air conditioner or refrigerator side, I suggest you put close to face, in the beside two minutes to blow their cold air, especially after wash your face to get up in the morning, this method can be a good time within a few hours to prevent skin oil overflow.

2. Drink plenty of water, oil overflow, the most important reason is that the blood thick, drinking enough water, accelerate the improvement of the nature of the blood.

3. Often stay in a cool ventilated or low temperature suitable environment. Skin pores contraction and temperature have a great relationship.

4. Eat more cold food, improve physical fitness. Such as herb tea, barley, etc.

5. Fixed own exercise time, so you can be your own skin pores sweating time to form inertia, which is the establishment of a sweating pores clock. This can also improve the skin, the key is to have enough patience, usually fifteen days to form.

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Article: How to effectively prevent oily skin


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