How to effectively keep warm – prevent cold in winter

, how to which parts of the body? Take a look at the in winter tips.

Head warm: Medical studies have found that the stationary state is not wearing a hat, at an ambient temperature of 15 ° C, the heat loss from the head of accounting for the total body heat 30% of total calories (60%) at 4 ° C lost. In addition, cold weather causes the blood vessels to contract, the people there will be symptoms of headache and dizziness, for the people of cerebrovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease is likely to cause. Thus, the head warm very important.

Chest and abdomen warm: the old saying often said to wear a scarf like to wear more clothes in winter, after the chill of the chest and abdomen, easy to fold hurt the body yang, causing the heart attack. Can also induce the occurrence of gastrointestinal disease, so warm chest and abdomen can not be ignored link.

Feet warm: feet away from the heart farthest, slower and less blood supply to the subcutaneous fat layer is thinner and less warm and, once the chill caused by reflex respiratory mucosa capillary contraction, so that the decline in disease resistance, leading to the upper respiratory tract infection, and therefore, the beginning of winter frost cold feet warm in particular to strengthen. Elderly in winter should try to wear thick socks with padded shoes, warm enough Gushen. Frostbite history should early wear. In addition, the evening before going to sleep with hot water hot foot, rubbing the soles of the feet Yongquan, in order to maintain good blood circulation, conducive to health. Available onion pepper hot water to be added to laundry foot with frostbite history.

The back should be warm: cold by the cold to start from the back. So keep your back warm, not only can prevent colds, and prevent relapse, heavier. Therefore, the elderly in winter is best to add a vest. Preferably cotton or silk floss, insulation every cold performance. Should get dressed and getting up at night to prevent colds.

Sports warm: winter due to the cold climate, most people do not want to go out to exercise. In fact, the more cold, more should be a lot of movement, because the movement is the best way to get rid of a cold, but also enhance disease resistance, reduce the incidence of disease. Winter sports can choose jogging, cycling, tai chi can also choose indoor fitness areas such as aerobics, play table tennis, bowling. The elderly exercise we must do what, do not select those activities too much, exercise too strong sports.

Eating warm: cold and the lack of calcium and iron. People afraid of the cold and the body’s intake of certain minerals less relevant. As much of the calcium content in the human body, can directly affect the cardiac muscle, blood vessels and muscle flexibility and excitement; iron deficiency in the blood is an important reason to cause iron deficiency anemia, usually presents less heat production, low body temperature. Therefore, the added calcium and iron-rich foods can improve the body’s ability to keep out the cold. Calcium foods include milk, soy, kelp, seaweed, shellfish, oysters, sardines, shrimp, etc.; iron-containing foods are mainly for animal blood, egg yolk, liver, soy, sesame, black fungus and red dates.

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Article: How to effectively keep warm – prevent cold in winter

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