How to effectively build muscle

Boys want to have a look strong muscles, but how to ? Here are some ways.

1. Choose a reasonable exercise time. Exercise time selection is very important, because the right time can stimulate your body's maximum potential. Best not to go up the morning a workout, the best workout time is around 16:00.

2. First to strength exercise, then aerobic. Before the start of the aerobic exercise, heart rate increased, while weightlifting when the body lies in the fat-burning state. If you want to practice strength exercise after aerobic exercise , the muscles have been very tired.

3. Interval eat large calorie foods. About 4 hours to eat a meal, to maintain energetic, can make the body more energy to build muscle. Meanwhile, to ensure intake of large amounts of protein, so that the number of grams of protein intake with a considerable number of kilograms of body. For example 100kg people need 100g of protein intake.

4. Add enough water. Especially after exercise, water must be sufficient, such as salt mineral water

5. Exercise combination punches. Individually practicing a certain part of the muscle is very important, but also need to mix exercise with alternating combination, so in order to achieve the purpose of multiple muscle combinations. Beginners Select Mixed exercise better, for enhancing a certain part of the body is also helpful.

6. Strength increments. In a week you can afford based on the weight increase of five percentage points.

7. Maintaining the effective training time. Each workout time should not exceed one hour. Every day to adhere to.

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Article: How to effectively build muscle

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