How to do women dysmenorrhea? – Tips for women dysmenorrhea.

How to do for ?
The first one: Diet
1, A balanced diet, eat too sweet or salty foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish;
2, Drink a glass of hot milk add a spoonful of honey can reduce the pain of dysmenorrhea before bedtime;
3, Caffeine may cause nervousness, easily lead to menstrual discomfort, in addition to coffee oils will stimulate the small intestine contained. Therefore, women should eat less or eat dysmenorrhea caffeinated food;
4,Bananas rich in vitamin B6, emotional stability, but also to reduce the abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, discomfort can eat some bananas.

The second measure: Hot
Hot water bottle can be placed in the abdomen can also drink hot water to maintain body temperature can significantly reduce dysmenorrhea pain.

The third measure: Drug
Drug treatment of primary dysmenorrhea from two effects: pain and emotional stability.
Dysmenorrhea can start taking a certain amount of pain medication, atropine and diazepam and other pieces are all very good analgesic effect. Must pay attention to avoid pain medication to relieve dysmenorrhea by symptoms.Vitamin B6 female menstrual tension on the good mitigation role, dysmenorrhea women to drugs to relieve oral vitamin premenstrual tension.

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Article: How to do women dysmenorrhea? – Tips for women dysmenorrhea.

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