How to do the skin with eczema and itching?

Winter is a cold and dry season. In this season, easy to induce skin eczema and other skin problems, and itching symptoms, this is because the air is dry, the skin becomes dull, lack of moisture, the skin is thin and fragile, fine wrinkles, dry skin prone to fine dander, easy to plug the pores, causing the pores caused by non smooth excretion.

Skin eczema itching, be anxious, seriously affected the normal life and work, in this case, what should we do?

The first need to solve the problem of dry skin:

1. Pay attention to climate change and adjust clothes in time. When you go out, choose the suitable clothes according to the weather condition; the bedding should keep warm, but it can not be too warm, and the irritation of the skin is not good because of the sweat.

2, Keep the air in the living space fresh, avoid contact or inhalation of special substances in the environment such as urushiol, pollen, dust mites and so on.

3, Keep the skin sanitary, do not use alkaline soap (liquid), suitable for the use of neutral detergent.

4, Winter can not bathe too often, use less Cuozao towel after washing should be rubbed lotion.

5, Pay attention to moisturizing. In addition to the essential moisturizer after the bath, in peacetime should be based on the degree of dry skin, moisturize to maintain the skin’s moisturizing degree.

Secondly, the nursing measures aimed at eczema should be done well.

1, Avoid scratching and hot water washing methods such as itching. Repeated scratching will lead to secondary changes in the skin and aggravate the itching.

2, In terms of diet, avoid eating some stimulating foods, such as onion, ginger, garlic, strong tea, coffee, wine and other foods that are easy to cause allergies, such as fish, shrimp and other seafood. Drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as manganese, vitamin A, B2, B6 and other vitamin rich foods, such as lean meat, sweet potato, animal liver, tomatoes and so on.

3, In the clothes, especially the underwear to choose pure cotton, soft, to avoid skin direct contact with chemical fiber clothing.

4, For the treatment of eczema, we should not neglect it. We should choose the appropriate treatment according to the symptoms, size and location of eczema, so as to avoid repeated attacks.

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Article: How to do the skin with eczema and itching?

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