How to diy home-made bentonite clay + green tea face masks to get rid of Acne

Do you know how to  diy home-made bentonite clay + green tea face masks to get rid of Acne? Bentonite clay is an incredible ingredient for beauty masks. Healing clays contain a wide variety of minerals. They aid in natural detoxification and draw out impurities from the skin. Highly colloidal alkaline bentonite clay, in particular, helps deep clean the skin pores, leaving your skin soft, clean and fresh. Due to its absorbent quality, the clay absorbs excess oil and sebum from your skin. It also helps unclog and tighten large pores. Thus, bentonite clay beauty recipes are excellent for oily and acne-prone skin.

The bentonite clay and oatmeal mask includes tea tree oil to enhance its antibacterial effects to fight off acne-causing bacteria. Oatmeal is also good for the skin as it has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains saponins that help cleanse your skin and remove dead skin cells. The bentonite clay and green tea mask is also great for treating acne. It includes green tea and aloe vera gel. Green tea contains tannins and has powerful antioxidants for maintaining glowing and younger-looking skin. Aloe vera gel is another effective ingredient to soothe your skin and reduce inflammation. It is good for healing acne, fading blemishes and reducing skin discoloration.

Prepare things you will need: 

  • Bentonite clay
  • Green tea
  • Aloe vera gel
  • A non-metal spoon or spatula
  • Non-metal measuring spoons
  • A non-metal mixing bowl

Diy home-made bentonite clay + green tea face masks to get rid of Acne Steps:

1. Put 2 tablespoons of bentonite clay into a bowl.

2. Add a few tablespoons of freshly brewed green tea.

3. Add ½ tablespoon of aloe vera gel.

4. Mix it thoroughly and add more green tea little by little, if required, to get a smooth paste.

Your DIY homemade bentonite clay and green tea face mask is ready now.

How to use a bentonite clay face mask

  1. Wash your face.
  2. Spread the mask on your face and neck.
  3. Leave it on for about 20 minutes or until it dries completely.
  4. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  5. Use it once or twice a week.

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Article: How to diy home-made bentonite clay + green tea face masks to get rid of Acne


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