How to control weight gain too fast during pregnancy

Expectant mothers whose body weight gains too fast During Pregnancy still need to adhere to the principle of balanced diet and can not overcorrect. When you find yourself gaining too much weight or too fast, do the following:

How to control weight gain too fast during pregnancy?

1. Control nutrient intake while controlling total energy intake and controlling cereal, fat and meat intake.

2. Eat less but more meals, regular quantitative.

3. staple food: to replace part of the coarse grain coarse grains, with the thickness. Eat 75-150 grams of coarse grains a day, coarse grains account for half of the cereal, you can also make some of the staple food of potato. Try to eat less staple food with high fat, such as cakes, fritters, biscuits, some bread and so on.

4. Vegetables: Increase the intake of vegetables, at least 500 grams of fresh vegetables a day, of which green leafy vegetables should be accounted for half. Pay attention to cooking methods, avoid excessive oil or use a lot of salad dressing in cold dishes.

5. Fruit: Some fruits rich in carbohydrates, eating too much can also lead to weight gain too fast, should be controlled at no more than 400 grams per day.

6. Poultry and eggs: the choice of low-fat meat, you can choose more fish, especially deep-sea fish, and eat less meat, eat poultry do not eat the skin and visible fat, meat In the preferred lean beef, other low-fat meat and lean meat, tenderloin, chicken breast, rabbit and so on. Avoid eating fried meat such as fried meat, fish and so on.

7. Milk: All or part of the choice of low-fat or skim milk or other dairy products.

8. Grease: pay attention to the amount of cooking oil, not more than 20 grams per day. At the same time should control the intake of nuts, no more than 10 grams per day.

9. Appropriate to increase physical activity: 30 minutes a day should be carried out physical activity, such as walking, yoga of pregnant women and others.

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Article: How to control weight gain too fast during pregnancy


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