How to care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin, because the skin is very sensitive to a variety of factors outside world, especially for some cosmetics can easily produce an allergic reaction, so they need good maintenance. So, how to ? The beauty of women to find out:

First, sensitive skin should not be removed horny. This is because the thin and horny horny injury is caused mainly due to the sensitive, so the first principle is to maintain horny maintenance from harm. Be careful not to over-cleaning, do not use soap, lotion. For the scrub, exfoliating ointment products should be kept at a distance.

Second, sensitive skin protection should be strengthened daily. Due to the sensitivity of the skin epidermis is thinner, the lack of UV defense capability, easy to aging, therefore, should pay attention to the use of sunscreen products and ingredients sunscreen products is also one of the factors is easy to stimulate the skin, so it is best not directly applied to the skin on, but to rub on the basis of after care products, re-apply sunscreen products.

Third, enhance moisture. Sensitive skin often can not keep the cuticle shallow enough water to live, whether it is air-conditioned room in the summer or in the winter dry climates, people with this skin, the skin will feel more acutely than the average person dry, dry, and thus strengthen the moisturizing routine maintenance is very important. In addition to containing moisturizing ingredients lotion, skin care products, but also regular moisturizing mask. When the seasons change, but also need to pay attention to the replacement does not apply on the basis of skin care products.

Fourth, can not be overly sensitive skin nourishment. This is because modern cosmetic products, the emphasis is efficiency, thus requiring the active ingredient must be able to produce high results through the skin, applied to the skin deep. For sensitive skin, a high concentration, good effect is the high-risk, high-sensitive. Therefore, these people in the use of skin care products (especially in essence like a high concentration of activation products), should first half diluted before use, it is more appropriate. In addition, the effect is not suitable for sensitive skin too strong products, increase the burden to the skin without the use of non-skin to restore the efficacy of the product is a healthy recipe.

Finally, we need to minimize the sensitivity of skin irritation. Once dry skin, scaling or redness condition, indicating the health of the skin has red light. Let the skin recover as soon as possible, the best way is to reduce irritation, but the degree by the wind, sun, do not eat spicy food, then use hypoallergenic products, in the harm reduction, maybe skin will recover on their own.

These are the introduction of experts, Tips: After becoming sensitive skin, the skin will become very fragile, outside minor changes are likely to lead to skin allergies, so the usual conservation must pay attention to the caution.

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Article: How to care for sensitive skin


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