How to care for oily hair

Oily hair is a bit troublesome, feels dirty all day, often sticky dust, often misunderstood poor hygiene. Then, how oily hair care will not this it? Good care measures to alleviate this situation?

Often washing hair: Do not worry about washed too many. If the hair is oily, wash your hair every day is a good idea.

Wash your hair with warm water: Many people think that to go grease wash your hair with hot water, washed with cold water afterwards can shrink pores and keep hair dry. The hot water is indeed easier decontamination, but will stimulate the scalp, scalp oil secretion automatic, if more cold water rinse, oil will stay in the head cortex red can not afford to wash away the grease also. So when you wash your hair with warm water rinse!

Thoroughly washed clean: regardless of what kind of shampoo, make sure to thoroughly rinse. The residue shampoo only faster adhesion of dust and grease.

Do not use hair conditioner: Conditioner covering the surface of the hair, oily hair does not need. Only in the tips of the hair dry, rubbed a little hair conditioner in the hair.

Diet: Eat less spicy greasy food, do not eat the sweet and salty foods, less smoking and drinking. Eat high protein foods containing vitamins.

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Article: How to care for oily hair

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