How to arrange dietary of women during menstruation

During menstruation female friend’s body is in need of special conditioning, so it helps to restore physical and vitality consumption period, today we introduce some period food fit for consumption as a female friend.

In menstruating women friends, the enrich blood can be described as the first choice, then they would eat some foods rich in minerals and protein, as we know milk meat, you can add the body of nutrients, but in order to achieve balanced nutrition, help digestion of food, they should choose some vegetables and fruits to mix meat and vegetables combined can make us safe and secure through the menstrual period.

Since menstruation diet has such an important role, then the choice of food also very particular about the menstrual taboo is the biggest cause of menstrual blood stasis barrier, bringing the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, so we have to eat some of the promotion blood circulation of foods, such as dates, lamb, barley, etc., which belong to the warm food and help replenish the body during menstruation. Clever mix of fruits and vegetables to supplement the body’s vitamin, remember to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, spinach, litchi, apple, cherry, fruits and vegetables are more appropriate, you may wish to try.

Eventually, word of warning, menstruating women friends, pay attention to the food and nutrition with a balanced, menstruation should stay away from spicy food and cold foods, light-based diet, choose the most suitable food for our own bodies .

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Article: How to arrange dietary of women during menstruation


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