How science and a healthy to lose weight?

weight loss is a very long process, no matter what time should pay attention to.

Step / methods
There are four common ways to lose weight: exercise to lose weight, weight loss drugs, surgical weight loss and diet to lose weight. Here to introduce the four ways to lose weight, lose weight and lose weight essentials and details of the process and considerations.

The most effective exercise for weight loss is aerobic exercise, it can help burn fat, increase body metabolism. Friends want to lose weight remember to do more outdoor exercise. The most effective exercise for weight loss is aerobic exercise, especially the movement of more energy consumption, such as jogging, hiking, brisk walking, ball games, swimming.

1, swimming.
Statistics show that the thermal conductivity of water 26 times greater than air, if the water at the same temperature than the heat dissipation in the air to speed up more than 20 times, effectively consuming people’s heat. Testing showed that: If you swim in the water 100 m consumes 100 kcal, equivalent to the land run 400 meters, or cycling 1000 meters, 1500 meters or skating. In addition, “due to the action of water waves, and constantly on human skin friction, making skin relax and rest, so people often swim, there is a smooth, soft skin.”

2, walking.
Suitable for all types of people: playing sword, gun dance, tai chi, dance Mulan fan; side of dance, ballroom dancing there. Left singing, singing on the right to participate in Which to sleep late at home than good. There are other weight loss support measures: eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less food and other sweets. However, he said so much, the most important point is the “stick.”

3, climbing.
Summer hiking significant weight loss. Hot weather hiking, physical exertion increase of about 20% -30%. The best way to eliminate fat is ‘aerobic’, climbing is the best aerobic exercise. Every time I climb when ready to rest, take table test: heartbeat 120 per minute, can last 10 minutes to explain the purpose of exercise to burn the fat.

4, the local diet

Weight Loss Diet

1, eat more foods high in dietary fiber
Dietary fiber can slow the food cast out of energy, thereby weakening the fat accumulation in the body. Daily fiber intake should be 20-25 grams. Fruits, vegetables, grain content, almost no meat.
2, eat more soy foods
Soy foods are also good low-fat food. And rich in vitamins and protein. Adequate intake per day should be noted that the soy products such as: tofu, soy milk, soy milk and so on.
3, eat more protein eat less fat
Protein can increase your metabolic rate because your body needs time to digest the protein consumed energy.
4, eat foods rich in vitamins
Vitamins are known as life-sustaining nutrients, vitamins visible role in vitamin Some vitamins are essential participants in the body’s fat metabolism, such as vitamin BT, it could play a role in weight loss following process:
A, by promoting oxidation and systemic metabolism, to help achieve the purpose of weight control;
B, direct regulation and increase metabolism, improve bone and muscle development level, and promote fat metabolism, directly has a slimming effect.
5, eat lunch, dinner to eat less
At 14:00 the day before the intake of calories to 60%, and the remaining heat left for dinner, so the secret is to eat dinner early, so that the lunch has become the main meal, and eat less dinner.

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Article: How science and a healthy to lose weight?


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