How pregnant women healthy to eat fruit in winter?

In winter expectant mothers how to choose their own fruit?

expectant mothers winter eating apple fruit of choice. Apple is known as “puzzle fruit” reputation and “memory fruit”, but also “eat an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Proverb. This is because it is not only rich in zinc and other trace elements, but also rich in nutrients lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc., especially the high content of fine fibers, help the development of the fetal hippocampus edge portion of the cerebral cortex, helps fetus acquired memory.

Moreover, a survey found that eating apples During Pregnancy may make children more likely to develop childhood asthma greatly reduced. Apple can give expectant mothers bring a wealth of vitamins, minerals, tannic acid, malic acid, fine fiber and other nutrients. expectant mothers eat apples can relieve morning sickness, appetite; Apple also help prevent constipation and improve maternal anemia!

Citrus is known as vitamin treasure. Its variety, Orange, South Orange, seedless mandarin orange, grapefruit and so on. They have a nutritious, whole body treasure of merit. Its juice is rich in nutrients citric acid, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., is pregnant mom likes to eat food.

500 g oranges contain vitamin C250 mg, vitamin A2.7 mg, the highest content of vitamin B1 fruit ranks. Citrus minerals contained the highest calcium, phosphorus content is also more than rice. Citrus peel, core networks are well-known traditional Chinese medicine. Eat citrus can prevent scurvy and night blindness.

However, citrus and warm sweet, Yang Qi, easily lead to excessive consumption of hot and people get angry, stomatitis, periodontitis, laryngitis. expectant mothers should not eat oranges every day more than three, the total weight of less than 250 grams.

Grapefruit can help pregnant mothers add more natural folate, so it can give the baby brain development to provide raw materials; help expectant mothers get enough folic acid, can also reduce pregnancy hypertension, placental abruption, fetal growth retardation, premature and newborn incidence of underweight children and other conditions.

Dry winter weather, mothers can eat pears, oh! Pear Ganhan sour, there is heat diuretic effect, throat buck, pure heart and lungs, antitussive cowardly phlegm, thirst Sheng Jin. expectant mothers Chili also able to effectively link and treatment of pregnancy edema and pregnancy-induced hypertension, oh!

The main role of the banana is to help expectant mothers to prevent, relieve symptoms in the winter are more prone to constipation. Winter expectant mothers a lot of bananas, constipation troubles away!

Winter fruit easily overlooked bad habits

In fact, pregnant mother in their daily lives of some of the small details of consumption of fruits also make fruit “eat more unhealthy,” and these small details are also likely to be ignored, let us look at what it.

Bad habits one: with a kitchen knife cut fruit
Because regular contact with raw meat choppers, fish, raw vegetables, parasites or parasite eggs will bring the fruit. The correct approach should be prepared at home at least one devoted to the cut fruit knife, different functions of the tool should be used separately.

Two bad habits: eating fruit is not gargle
Many pregnant mother who did not immediately mouthwash after eating fruit habit, but in fact the teeth, but very good. Some fruits contain a variety of carbohydrate fermentation, the teeth have a strong corrosive, if mouthwash after eating fruit residue in the mouth could easily lead to tooth decay.

Three bad habits: eating too much fruit
Eat the fruit, in fact, is unscientific. Although nutrient-rich fruits, but not comprehensive nutrition, especially protein and fat is relatively small, but these two substances fetal growth and development is indispensable. It should be the right amount to eat fruit, while vegetables, meat and other foods should be balanced match. Full meal with pregnant mother and is key to the healthy growth of fetal treasure.

Four bad habits: eat fruit fasting
Some pregnant mother will fruit as a snack, especially some white-collar family of the pregnant mother, sometimes hungry, he would take a direct fruit to relieve their hunger, but in fact, fasting eat some fruit, but very hurt stomach it.

Common winter like oranges can not be eaten fasting. Orange contains a lot of organic acids, if acid, fasting food will gastric mucosa adverse stimulus, causing bloating, belching, acid reflux, gastritis and gastric ulcer and even heavier.

Fasting should not eat the fruit and bananas, persimmon, lychee, sugar cane.

Five bad habits: eat fruits immediately after a meal
Some pregnant mother cold, so often after dinner, taking advantage of the stomach or warm, just eat fruits immediately, thinking that it would not be afraid of the cold. But eat fruit after a meal, but will cause pregnant mother’s illness.

Eat fruit after a meal will increase the burden on the stomach, thus affecting the normal digestion, while the fruit ingredients affect the body absorb the pregnant mother of vitamins and trace elements. In addition, after a meal to eat a lot of fruit can also cause obesity.

If the pregnant mother who eat fruit, right time should be in one hour and two hours after a meal or so (except persimmon). This time to eat fruit fruits helps the body absorb nutrients, while many of the fruit itself is easily oxidized, corruption, eat fruit can shorten the time it stays in the stomach, reducing its behalf oxidation, the level of corruption, reduce the possibility of the body adverse impact will not have much impact on the body’s digestion.

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Article: How pregnant women healthy to eat fruit in winter?


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