How long the pillow used to replace the appropriate

A kind of sleep tool is generally believed that the pillow is the filler that people use for the comfort of sleeping. In order to protect the normal physiological bending of the neck and maintain the normal physiological activities during sleeping, people must adopt the pillow when they sleep.

Pillow knowledge

One-third of one’s life and pillow companionship spent in sleep, pillow for people’s life, work and study have a crucial impact. In real life, people do not know enough about the importance of pillows and their knowledge of pillows is not well understood. As a result, many errors exist in the choice of pillows. There are many irrational habits in use, Bad habits can seriously affect people’s quality of life and their health, causing many symptoms such as head, neck, shoulders, back and internal organs.

First increase the knowledge of the pillow, and secondly, the right choice and use of their own pillow. This will not only improve the quality of their sleep, to ensure that work conditions, but also to make your body more healthy and make your life better. China Pillow Summary of the good pillow, “a good pillow three elements”: a good pillow must have a suitable bearing capacity, there are three basic elements to achieve:

How long to use the pillow to replace the appropriate

1, supporting the basic structure of the neck;

2, the appropriate height;

3, a good filling material.

Judge whether the simple pillow for the self-examination standards:

1, in the absence of other physical diseases, often feel the morning after the numbness of the neck up.

2, the pillow has lost its elasticity and needs to be swung for a while to restore some elasticity.

3, after adjusting the pillow finally, it quickly returned to flat.

4, the pillow has agglomeration, uneven phenomenon, and the filling of damp smell.

There are many people who change their pillows every four years. In fact, the pillows should be replaced every 1-3 years. Because old and dirty pillows are susceptible to mold, mites, allergies or respiratory diseases. Optional pillow should be easy to clean and can be dried, so that the pillow can be used for a long time, your sleep health can also be guaranteed.

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Article: How long the pillow used to replace the appropriate


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