How do men anti-aging 9 method to help young forever

Not only women need to be , men also need . You know man how ?

Anti-aging method:

1, morning erection, more youthful

Morning erections higher hardness, represents the younger male blood vessels. “American Journal of Medicine recently published a study showed that weekly sex life less than 1 man, the incidence of ED (erectile dysfunction) will be increased by 2 times, and have sex more than 3 times per week, ED four times less .

2, commonly used razors, five years younger half

Northumbria University, UK survey found that the men shave than the bearded man looks young age of 5,5. The skin expert Kenneth Beer said Dr., shave will stimulate the face collagen production, make the skin more smooth.

3, 7 hours of sleep per night

A period of 22 years, a new study involving 21,268 adults found that men sleep less than seven hours per night and premature death risk increased by 26%, but more than eight hours, but also make the risk of premature death increased by 24%.

4, vitamin A removal of the eye pattern

With increasing age, the cell cycle was significantly slowed down, the lack of skin collagen. In human skin at the thinnest thickness of only 0,02 mm eye is most obvious. The new study found that vitamin A can help generate new collagen wrinkle effect.

5, quadriceps, arthritis pain

Mayo Clinic researchers tested 265 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee quadriceps strength and found that people with the strongest quadriceps strength, arthritis pain least.

6, farm work Lee longevity

Aging Research Center of the University of Chicago experts found that the probability of farmers longevity is twice that of urban residents. Male appropriate gardening, grass, farm work, help longevity.

7, eat spinach, long muscles

Muscular man look younger. Eat spinach can indeed promote protein synthesis, help muscle growth. In addition, eating spinach can prevent osteoporosis.

8, hair short was young

Man into middle age, hair loss is more and more obvious. In the early stages of hair loss, shaved flat head is that the hair more dense, more young people, long hair will be easily exposed scalp.

9 food chew 9 seconds longevity

“British Medical Journal” recently published study, eating gobble cause the risk of obesity increased by 84%, which is an important factor to cause aging. The Dutch study also found that a smaller appetite slowly every food that best chew 9 seconds.

What to eat anti-aging

Dairy products

Low-fat yogurt, it is rich in calcium, vitamins, protein and potassium. In addition, the probiotics in yogurt helps to maintain the balance of flora in the body. If you do not like yogurt, skim milk and cheese is a good choice. Dairy products contain virtually all the nutrients needed by the body, the ratio between the combination of various nutrients balance.


Studies have shown that every morning to eat an egg, not only does not increase cholesterol, but also people intake of fewer calories in a day, unknowingly lose weight. The egg provides high-quality protein, also contains 12 kinds of vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins to help improve memory.


High fiber, high protein, good for the heart and anti-aging These are nuts advantage. However, because of the high fat content, eaten in moderation is the key. Experts believe that, almond, peanut, walnut, hazelnut, not more than two and a half best.


Referred to as “the highest fruit kiwi fruit contains a high density of nutrients. A kiwi we can guarantee you all-day requirement of vitamin C, in addition it also provides a wealth of vitamin A, as well as plant fiber and potassium. Kiwi fruit consumption is also very convenient, with a knife in half, take a spoon scoop ice cream, will be able to enjoy.


Eat more beans good for your heart, it contains soluble fiber can reduce cholesterol, soluble fiber can help rid the body of waste. In addition, food legumes also contain proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium and potassium. The experts suggest that the consumption of legumes at least 3 times a week.


This vegetable is both delicious and common contains vitamins A, C and vitamin K contributes to bone growth. Even under normal circumstances there is only carrots, oranges and yellow plants? Zhuo – carotene, broccoli abound.

Dried fruit

Many of dried pineapple, dried apricots dried fruit only in the production process filtered water only, vitamins and other beneficial elements contained in the fruit are preserved. In addition to the rich in vitamins, dried fruit also contains large amounts of iron, potassium and other minerals, dried fruit contains sugar than the ordinary fruit sugar, fat is not easy, it is a good snack.

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Article: How do men anti-aging 9 method to help young forever

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